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Leon Herzik - List of Letters

Soldiers away from home, especially at war, have always enjoyed receiving letters from home. Leon was no exception. He was also a prolific letter writer himself, writing some 88 letters home between 1942 and 1945. The list below shows only a sample of the letters he wrote. The list below shows, by date, when his rank changed or when his location changed. Almost all of the letters were to his mother, Julia Herzik.

Censoring of GIs' Mail
Excerpts from Letters


Pvt. Leon Herzik
March 18, 1942
Reception Center, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
April 7,1942
Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls, Texas
May 13, 1942
McClelland Field, California
PFC Leon Herzik
September 13, 1942
Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho
Sgt. Leon Herzik
October 11, 1942
Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho
October 29, 1942
Ft. Dix, New Jersey
November 11, 1942
At Sea
December 14, 1942
Somewhere in Africa
January 6, 1943
Somewhere in Africa
S/Sgt Leon Herzik
March 31, 1943
Somewhere in North Africa
T/Sgt Leon Herzik
April 14, 1943
Somewhere in North Africa
July 4, 1943
Somewhere in North Africa
August 3, 1943
Somewhere in Sicily
October 5, 1943
Somewhere in Italy
October 22, 1943
Cannot reveal location
July 29, 1944
Somewhere in Corsica
August 19, 1944
Somewhere in France (southern)
October 14, 1944
Somewhere in Italy
February 28, 1945
Somewhere in Italy
August 2, 1945
Montreux, Switzerland



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