Costa Rica - At Sea - Trip Notes

Puerta Caldera

We left Puerta Caldera, Costa Rica, late Saturday and cruised to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We spent all day Sunday at sea. Our ship captain was Captain Jan Ove Lidal.

One of the crew members, Carlos, gave us a fascinating talk on Costa Rica and its ecology. Carlos is a native Costa Rican and a naturalist. We would get to know him quite well as we progressed on the trip. Carlos was one of the most popular crew members, greeting us each day with, "Hola! Coma esta usted?"

During our cruise, I learned about a constellation called the Southern Cross , which is visible in the night sky in the southern hemisphere. The bottom star in the constellation points mariners and explorers to due South, much like Polaris points to due North. Captain Lidal offered to show me the Southern Cross some morning at 2:00am. Unfortunately, I had to decline, since we were weary after each day's activities, and I needed the sleep. Sigh. For more on the Southern Cross, see The Southern Cross